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Stereomerger is a different kind of photo viewer/manipulation software. It has a lot of powerful features, and some of them are listed here.

Stereomerger is beeing used by businesses, universities, colleges and regular persons.


Multiplatform: OS X, Windows and Linux

Stereomerger is a Java-program, and is developed to work on both Mac, Windows and Linux.

Teoretically, any graphical system that is able to run a full java application, should be able to run Stereomerger.


Stereomerger is multilingual, sort of, thanks to Google Translate.

It supports the following languanges:

  • English
  • Norwegian
  • French - Google Translate
  • German - Google Translate
  • Italian - Google Translate
  • Spanish - Google Translate

Since we have used Google Translate for some of the languages, it will probably be slightly different quality of the translations as we are not able to verify them.

If you happen to find any bad translations, please let me know and I'll fix it.

Automatic stereo window adjustment

Adjusting the stereo window automatically will produce better results with less eyestrain.
In the viewer, just press the G-key on the keyboard, and in a second you image will be aligned almost perfectly!
Of course this functionality is available within the scripting engine.

Use this to fix the alignment problems in the Fujifilm W1 images.

Automatic colour adjustment

Stereomerger can also automatically adjust the image colours to correct colour differences between the left and the right image.
In the view, just press the H-key on the keyboard.
Of course this functionality is available within the scripting engine.


The heart of Stereomerger is the advanced but easy to use scripting engine. With a growing number of powerful filters and effects you have endless possibilities for image processing at hand. Since these scripts can be stored, they can be reused as many times you want and even shared amongst friends and fellow stereo photographers.

If you need something special, just contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Image processing

Among the imageprocessing filters/actions you will find the powerful automatic image adjustment filter which will automatically create a better stereowindow, rotate and align the two images so that they will give a better 3D-effect.

In addition you will find more actions like copy and paste, scaling, rotation, crop, flip and much more.

Colour processing

Stereomerger have some easy but really powerful colour filters!

  • Automatic colour adjustment - Matches the colour of the two images
  • Automatic white balance
  • Automatic contrast stretching
  • Brightness control
  • Channel mixer
  • Gamma correction
  • Greyscale and Sepia
  • Hightlight, midtone and shadow adjustment
  • Histogram operations
  • Hue and saturation
  • And more...

Effect filters

  • Cartoon filter
  • Edge preserving smooth
  • Emboss laplascian
  • Gaussian blur
  • Powerfull matrix-filter
  • Mean removal sharpening
  • Median denoiser
  • Sharpen
  • Soften

Special filters

Among the special filters you'll find 2D- and 3D-text, primitives, passepartouts, reflections, bump map and much much more.

2D to 3D conversion

You can do 2D to 3D conversion with the use of bump maps.


The Overlay filter can be used to create logos, merge several stereo images, add beautiful frames and many more exciting effects.

Channel mixer

With the Channel mixer you have a very powerful tool that can be used for anything from creating all types of anaglyphs to correcting white balance and lighten up the image. A tool that is a must for any serious photo application!

Automatic matching of stereo pairs

Let the computer do the job! Stereomerger uses a fast and quite sturdy algorithm to find the matching left and right images from any set. While it`s at it, why not let it add a frame, some text, adjust the colours and fix lens distortion using scripts? There is no limit to the possibilities! You can make a script that can produce ALL the viewing formats you will probably need in one go!

Batch-processing of stereo images

Do you have a couple of hundreds, or maybe thousands of stereo images lying around? Want to view them with your holmes card viewer, or maybe convert them to cross eyed and resize them for web? With the scripting engine, Stereomerger can do that and much more for you. There`s no need to spend hours upon hours in Paint Shop or whatever you use.

Hot folders

With hot folders, Stereomerger can monitor folders and automatically process new images that are copied into these folders.

One use is to convert MPO-files into JPG files, without the need to create a batch job every time.

Experimental still video capture

Uses QuickTime to capture still images from video sources like web cameras, DV-cameras and more. The functionality is experimental.

Flexible viewer with easy file-copy/move

Stereomerger have a quite flexible built-in viewer with full screen support that can handle most view formats:

You can also make new scripts, test them and apply them from the viewer.

The viewer also have an image browser so it's easy to find the images you want to view. This browser also have a dual-mode so you can see two directories at once. This way you can easily copy or move files between the two directories. The available keyboard shortcuts makes it even easier!

3D TV Support

Stereomerger can be used on most modern 3D TVs. For more information, see the 3D TV information page.

Zalman Trimon 3D-monitor support

View 3D-photos in full colour, high resolution with the affordable Zalman Trimon 3D-capable monitors. No special drivers needed, and it works on Macs too!

Super 3D Station-compatible viewer

See 3D-photos in FULL RESOLUTION using the Super 3D Station. For the first time, Mac owners too can use the splendid Super 3D Station from 3D Good Vision Co. The limited resolution (500x580) of the proprietary Super 3D Station software is gone. Now you can view standard stereo jpeg-files in full resolution, with zoom possibilities and all!

Easy image transfer from camera/memory card to computer

Stereomerger has a flexible image transfer function that makes copying images from camera, or memory card, to the computer a breeze!

Redo functionality

Not quite happy with the result? Well, as long as the original images have not been moved, you can redo any stereo image made in Stereomerger. Just find the image in the viewer`s browser, open up the context-menu (right mouseclick in Windows, ctrl+mouseclick on Mac) and select Redo.


Stereomerger can read and prosess images produced by the Fujifilm Finepix Real 3D W1, W3, Nintendo 3DS, Aiptek 3D-HD, SVP-DC-3D-80, Sony DSC-TX9 and Panasonic Lumix DCM GX1 among others. If you have problems with your camera, don't hesitate to contact me!

Wobbly GIF

Stereomerger can save stereo photos as Wobbly gifs.

High dynamic range imaging

By taking multiple pictures at different exposure levels you can use Stereomerger to stitch them together into one image with higher dynamic range. This makes it possible to see details in both dark and light areas. For more information, see the High dynamic range imaging page.


Stereomerger can print and adapt your images to many different formats:

Drag & drop

You can drop image files into many parts of Stereomerger.

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