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Here are some extra scripts that you can download and play with.


This script splits a stereofile (jpeg and MPO) into two separate jpg-files. The files are put into a sub-directory and the name is prefixed with the side. E.g. img001.mpo is split into img001_left.jpg and img001_right.jpg


This script splits a red & cyan anaglyph into a grayscale side by side.


StereoCard produces an image that can be printed out and used with the StereoCard-viewer from Amazing Cards. It is not advisable to print using the Windows Picture and Fax viewer! The image is correctly sized with pixel width, height and DPI, but not all printing software is capable to use this information propely.

Zalman 19 and 22

These two scripts creates full screen images for viewing images on the Zalman Trimon 3D-monitors without any special software. With these images, you could use almost any a regular slideshow-viewer.


This script creates an image 10cm x 4.5cm with 2mm black borders and a 1.4cm septum.

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