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IMPORTANT Java on OSX and Linux have problems with paths containing special non-latin characters and spaces. This means that you can have problem starting Stereomerger from certain folders. Try moving the Application to a folder with a path without spaces and other special characters. If you have a username with special characters, moving the application might not even work. Contact me if this is the case!

Latest build is: Version 1.177 Date Mon Sep 09 13:27:29 CEST 2013
Mac OS X DMG ca. 15 Mb Intel & PPC, 10.3.4 or later
Windows ZIP ca. 9 Mb Needs Java >1.4.2 pre-installed
ZIP ca. 30 Mb Java 1.4.2 included
Linux (BETA) ZIP ca. 15 Mb Needs Java version 1.4 or larger

Previous versions can be downloaded here.

Mac OSX installation
Download, and open the DMG. Then copy the to your hard-drive, preferably the Application-folder. Note that you need to make sure Java is installed. Java OSX

Windows installation
If you have a java 1.4.2 or newer installed, you can download smallest zip, unzip it and run Stereomerger.exe.
If not, you should download the full version. It will not interfere with previous installed Java-versions and have no installation process. Just unzip and go!

If you have any problems, check the help pages, the outdated usermanual or mail the author.

Stereomerger supports Kiva. You should too!


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