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The auto matching at work
Stereomerger can search through your folder(s) to find matching jpegs and create stereo pairs.

It reads every single image and looks for features in the picture. Then it compares these features with the other images and tries to find the ones that are most alike.

The images are rotated according to your camera-rig.

Note that the algorithm I developed for Stereomerger is made for speed and it will be wrong in some cases. Fortunately it is very easy to browse through the stereo pairs before they are further processed, so you can correct any mistakes.

As soon as the pairs are popping up in the window, you can begin working too.

You can:

  • swap sides
  • easily choose between the matching images, if there are more than one, using the Up- and down-buttons
  • find a better match manually by selecting the browser-button
  • delete, or more correctly, disable the pair
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